Dal Batti Churma


If you would like to cook Rajasthan food you have plenty of options to choose a recipe. In this article, you see one of most Authentic foodas Dal BaatiChurma. It is the most famous recipe, people in Rajasthan are loved to eat this food. You can prepare the dish on free time or weekend days to serve it asHome madefood. For preparing this dish and it will take twenty minutes and one hour for cooking.
For preparing dal:
• Chana dal-1/3 cup
• toovar dal- 1/3 cup
• moong dal- 1/3 cup
• Chilli powder- 3 Tsp
• urad dal- 1 tbsp
• Whole moong- 1 tbsp
• Garam masala- ½ tsp
• Turmeric powder- ¼ tsp
• Tamarind pulp- 2 Tsp
• bay leaves- 2
• cloves- 3
• green chilli-2
• cumin seeds- 1 tsp
• ghee- 3tsp
• coriander powder- 1 tsp
• died mango powder- 2 tsp
For baatis:
• Whole wheat flour- 1 cup
• Milk- 8 tbsp
• melted ghee- 4 tbsp
• Semolina or Rava- ½ cup
• besan- 2 tsp
• Salt based on your taste

How To Prepare

How to prepare dal:
• First, you have to wash and clean dals properly, pour four cups of water. Keep pressure cook to two to three whistles to cook dal.
• Take a bowl and add turmeric, chili, coriander powder, garam masala along with three tablespoons of water. Then mix ingredients well.
• Take the pan, add ghee to make it as melted, then put bay leaves, cloves, asafetida, green chilies and cumin seeds. On adding cumin seed will be crackle.
• Now add masala paste and saut, heat for two minutes
• You have to add dals, tamarind pulp, amchur and salt for five to seven minutes.
• Add water to adjust level of the dal
How to prepare battis:
• For preparing battis you should add all ingredients on the bowl and stiff it without pouring water
• Split it into eight portions, make it into a shape like round shape.
• With your thumb make a tiny indentation on the baatis. Keep it as separate
• Take enough amount of water and boil it, add baatis for boiling. Leave it for fifteen minutes with the high flame. Then allow it cool entirely
• You need to heat ghee in the pan and put four baatis at the same time, make it fry deep. Leave it to become golden brown colors on all sides.
• Keep battis on one plate for serving.

How To Serve

• Follow below steps to serve Dal Battichurma
• First, you have to warm dal to make it as hot.
• Take two baatis and smash it into pieces.
• Then pour one table spoon of ghee on it and apply one-fourth of dal.
• Spray half teaspoon of lemon juice and two table spoon of onion in the plate.

How to Eat

• Crash battis on one plate
• You just pour hot dal on the baatis
• Combine with churma
• Then serve it with churma which give spacious taste to you
• You can also add ghee to get awesome taste